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Leadership 2 Certification Program
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The California Court Association is dedicated to enhancing the quality of the California Justice system through personal and professional development of judicial support staff by providing education, training, and support to its members.

CCA Leadership II – Essential Management Skills for Emerging Leaders

This Leadership track is open to all - there are no prerequisites (Leadership Certification 1 is NOT required)

Leadership Program Applications open – May 15, 2018
Leadership Program Applications close – May 15, 2019
Application Fee - $25.00

Module I – Budget & Finance for Leaders

This course will explain the state budget process and its relationship to the Judicial Branch, identify the components of the budget, and summarize the importance of budget management.

Module II – Emotional Intelligence

To be a successful leader is to know and harness the power of emotional intelligence. Whether managing a change initiative, supervising employee performance, tackling difficult conversations, or building relationships, emotional intelligence is the underlying key to success.

Module III – Effective Proposal Writing

In an organizational setting, people write for one of three reasons: to inform, to evaluate, and to persuade. For each of these purposes, a there is a structural pattern that will produce the best results. This course will focus on persuasive writing. Participants will compose a proposal using the successful NOSE pattern.

Module IV – Managing Organizational Change

The court world is constantly transforming. With retirements, new case management systems, new process and laws in the workplace, employees and managers naturally find the resulting situational shifts challenging. This course will explain that transition is successful when employees have a purpose, a plan, and a part to play.

Module V – Management and HR

This overview course will examine the role of the human resource department as a strategic partner for managers and supervisors in the court. Key functions such as recruitment, employee relations, performance appraisals and labor relations will be discussed showing how they relate to the role of court manager and supervisor. Learn how an MOU, Personnel Rules and other HR resources can assist you and enhance your skills as a manager or supervisor.

Module VI – Overview of Civil, Criminal, and Family Law

What do you need to know as a manager or supervisor moving in to a case type in which you have little to no experience? How do you manage and/or supervise the workflow? This overview course will describe general civil law, family law, and the criminal law process. From statutory timelines to mandatory and optional forms, this course will review processes and helpful resources to familiarize you with each case type.

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2017 Leadership Program - Graduates

Alameda Superior Court
Beatriz Santelices

Los Angeles Superior Court
Ailene Sanders

Orange County Superior Court
Liberacion M. Galang; Susana Rivas; Anthony Villa

Riverside Superior Court
Kym Chank; Gurmeet Dhaliwal; Ramses Maya; Ginger Voorhis; Claudia Zuniga

San Bernardino Superior Court
Vanessa Garcia

Santa Clara Superior Court
Mahalia Long; Shawn Parker

San Diego Superior Court
Natalie Smith; Michele Xavier; Patty Xavier

Solano Superior Court
Deanna Simas

Stanislaus Superior Court
Maria Cortez; Teresa Johnson; Denise Loftis; Sharon Menshew; Angela Morales; Nancy Phillips; Marla Seever; Marnie Sisco

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