President's Message

Kym Chank - CCA President

Greetings CCA Members:
It has been a rough 3 years for our industry. Many California Courts went from flying high at 100% and then came to a halting screech during COVID. It feels like we are all working at 200% of our capacity with half the staff and support. What a whirlwind! Not only are we working at capacities that we never have before, but we are doing it in a completely different way.

We have had to learn and adapt to a changing world. First, and most obviously, doing A LOT more, with A LOT less. Virtual events. Working from home. Dealing with constant supply chain issues, rising food costs, rising labor costs, rising airfare, twice the quantity of events with a quarter of the planning time. Working to the absolute best of our abilities – for a lot of us has been a struggle, which is disheartening. We’ve had to learn a lot of new skills to keep up with ever-changing times. We know how we are responding to this incredible change in our personal and professional lives. So the question now is, how will CCA support the changing needs of our members?

As a board we have planned a year that anticipates the needs of our members going through the changes in the industry – mentor programs, more networking opportunities, and new curriculums for training. However, we really want to hear directly from you about your needs so that we can continue to be an association that delivers and supports the needs of its members. That being said, the CCA Executive Board will be working hard to implement a survey to find out what you, the members, would like to see from CCA in the future going forward.

That being said and despite all the challenges our industry has gone through, for now, my message is simple:

As CCA moves forward to take a look back on our years of successful membership since 1952, the most important thing for all of us is to spend quality time with family members and friends, and to stay healthy and happy.

On behalf of the California Court Association Executive Board and Business Team, we wish each and every one of you the very best for the upcoming Holiday Season!


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