California Court Association, Inc.

A Message from the President, ALICIA Fletes

A Message from your President:Alicia Fletes, President, the CCA

Thank you for this amazing opportunity to be the part of CCA and represent all of you as the 2015-2016 President.


Your Executive Board is working hard to make changes that will benefit us all by growing membership, increasing revenue and networking to get our name and mission known throughout the great state of California. We are working with our Justice Partners such as Judicial Council, Office of Governmental Affairs, CJER, and a project to provide important training to the Tribunal Courts (to name a few) to establish relationships that will benefit us all. It is important that we are recognized for what we are able to offer to the PJ's and CEO's throughout the state as an organization that advocates to train their staff and for us to develop them to grow as leaders. In recent years due to budgetary constraints some Courts haven't been able to do so. CCA is here to ensure that you all get that training still. We are determined to set the standard across the state for quality training.


Remember that you are the voice of CCA -- you are the CCA. This association is built on the foundation of its members.


I look forward to the challenges and experiences that lie ahead. I am certain that this will be an amazing learning experience and I am hopeful to come out of this a stronger leader.

 My main focus this year is the integration of the new management firm ARC by working closely with the Executive Director and the E-Board to fill the recent vacancy of Helen. Business will go undisturbed and we will continue to provide you with the support and reliability we have become accustomed to.


The California Court Association is dedicated to enhancing the quality of the California Justice system through the personal and professional development of judicial support staff by providing education, training and support to its members.