California Court Association, Inc.

A Message from the President, Tanya Rivero

My fellow CCA members,

Welcome new and returning members to the California Court Association 2016-2017 year. I am humbled and thankful for this opportunity to serve as your 64th CCA President.


It was a pleasure networking with our members, vendors and friends at the 64th Annual Convention, held in Sacramento at the Hilton Arden West. The turnout was great. Solano's Presiding Judge Robert Fracchia shared an inspiring and personal message about the importance of education.


Networking and continued education has made a positive difference in my life. It can make a difference in yours, by attending the training classes offered by CCA. It is by networking and passion for continued growth that develops us personally and professionally.


This year, I will begin the implementation of our strategic plan, something the board has been working on since November of 2015. Thank You Brenda Lussier, Scott Brown, Corinne Vallieres, Kym Chank, Association Resource Center and the Executive Board for your contributions. The goals that have been accomplished so far include: establishing an active membership committee, continuance of the Leadership Program, review of the Certification Program and the creation of a Communications Committee. The direction of the CCA's future has been set. The path before us is great and with the help of enthusiastic members, dedicated Committee Chairs and Committee Members along with active Directors, the goals of the CCA will be achieved.


I look forward to a dynamic year! Thank you.



The California Court Association is dedicated to enhancing the quality of the California Justice system through the personal and professional development of judicial support staff by providing education, training and support to its members.