California Court Association, Inc.

A Message from the President, Suzanne Schleder

New President, New Message Coming Soon!
A Message from your President:Suzanne Schleder, President, the CCA
Welcome to a new year with The California Court Association!  I am proud and honored to serve as your 62nd President for 2014-2015.
I remember attending my first CCA events and thinking how wonderful it was to be part of an organization that really celebrated who we are, what we do, and how valuable each and every one of us is in our role as a court employee.   I love the classes and the networking and believe the CCA still promotes that inspiring feeling at every event. 
As your president this year, I want to bring that same positive support and first class training to as many court employees as we can.  Membership is item # 1 on my to-do list for this year.  I will continually strive to make our mission accessible to many more court employees; to strengthen and enhance our branch, statewide. 
So join with me to make our association stronger than ever.  Sign up for a committee, attend a training day or the New Laws Workshop, run for director, and get your co-workers to join with you.  We have exciting events coming up in Santa Cruz, Sacramento, LA and San Diego.  Take some great classes, network with peers from around the state, work toward completing a certification program, and enjoy a wonderful mini-vacation.  Together we can take advantage of all the benefits of membership in the California Court Association.  Together we can keep our association going strong.
Here’s to a great year for the CCA!


The California Court Association is dedicated to enhancing the quality of the California Justice system through the personal and professional development of judicial support staff by providing education, training and support to its members.